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Publicity Connection has served more than 100 organizations during the past 14 years. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes and are located throughout the United States (and beyond).

From statewide social service organizations to international humanitarian agencies, our clients (and our work) has one thing in common—it is all about the mission.

We can focus on not only meeting our clients’ unique needs but also on developing best practices in the field of corporate communications.



Fact: The terminology (and its ever-changing nature) can be daunting. Entire conferences are dedicated to the subject. Universities are adding degree programs. But what is “digital PR” exactly?

Our services

Consultancy, advocacy, strategy. This is the basic framework for what we do at Publicity Connection. Whether it is in the realm of public affairs, public relations, government affairs, or marketing, our team can offer an integrated approach to your business needs.

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Your company needs creative ideas that will stand out in the crowd.

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Social Media

Social media. Digital news releases. Digital media. Tweeting. Liking.

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Media Relations

We offer high quality Public and Media Relation services to our clients!

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A brand is so much more than your logo. Throughout the past 10 years, we have developed a unique and effective branding process. It jump-starts strategic thinking and unifies organizations as they work together with us.

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Luckily, our team does not just design new websites or launch press releases without developing a custom strategy first that will meet your objectives. Because without strategy, the services are not customized to your true needs.

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